How I beat reading slumps…

Reading Slump: the phenomenon that occurs among book-readers who inexplicably find themselves unable to read.

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From the age of 7, I have been a passionate reader. Ever since the day my mum procured a copy of ‘Ginger’ from the Aussie Bites series I have been addicted to the simple act of reading, inclusive of the heart-break that undoubtedly is included. I have also found myself in my fair share of ‘reading slumps’. Some have lasted a few days… some I’m embarrassed to say have lasted years.

In 2016, I decided enough was enough. I was sick of the shame that came with reading slumps and I wanted out! I came up with a method to beat them, and its so ridiculously simple that it’s hardly worthy of a blog post.
Here’s how it works:
I read for 20 minutes every single day. No matter if I’m working, am depressed or am caught up in a fantastic TV show (hello How To Get Away With Murder!), I make myself read for just 20 minutes. Sometimes, I really don’t feel like it, but I still pick up my book… and it’s worked every time! I’ll have a couple of days where the 20 minutes is an absolute struggle of watching the clock. But then, miraculously, I find myself loving the act of reading again. This is what works for me! If you’re having a reading slump, why not give it a go?

Please tell me in the comments what you do to beat reading slumps.

A x


2 thoughts on “How I beat reading slumps…

  1. That’s such a pretty picture. ❀ I usually reread an old favorite to get out of a reading slump and start setting goals for myself. (Like, read 3 books this week, because I work well with deadlines.) I like your idea of reading everyday though. I'll have to try that out!

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